All Member Meeting:

11/07/13 Minutes



Guild Members Present:

  1. Chuck Tauscher - Audubon Environmental, Inc.

  2. Tom McAuliffe - McAuliffe Contractors, LLC

  3. Matt Conte - Conte Company, LLC

  4. Alex Raposo - Shore Earth Anchoring, LLC

  5. Keith Dolan - Shore Earth Anchoring, LLC


Guild Members Not Present:

  1. Art Koziol - South Jersey Helical Piers

  2. Jeff Grube - Chesterfield Associates, Inc.

  3. Danny Rebelo - High Rise Industries


7:00pm: Reading of the mission statement:


Mission Statement:

The Guild’s mission is to recognize, promote, defend, and honor the most highly qualified and skilled helical pile installers; the true professionals. Standing together, the Guild will advance its common interests resulting in Guild member awareness, Guild member reputation building in the marketplace, more effective, supportive and profit generating supplier relationships, and greater control over the ever-growing competition from non-professional helical pile installers.



Introduction of each present Guild member



All members present agree that their respective clients never express a HP brand preference/choice about the material installed. Clients extend return business and trust based on the workmanship and professionalism that the Guild members bring to the workplace, as well as the attention and level of response prior to and following the initiation of any given project. The Guild discussion reflects that whoever is “closest” to the final sale controls the marketplace.



Guild members, with the exception of Shore, express that they have never heard of reduced “Sandy” pricing for Super Storm Sandy related projects. This triggered further frustration within the Guild that offers and incentives like Sandy are never brought to their attention, and it’s typically heard through other channels whereby they need to chase the opportunities.



Guild members discussed the positive outcomes of the Guild efforts and enthusiasm to continue growth and support. The Guild discussed respective territories, and although there is some overlap, there was no concern about “taking food off anyone’s table”. It was agreed that growth of the Guild would promote unified professionalism and positive branding to encourage the profitability of the individual members and encourage longevity in the industry, while essentially eliminating the confusion and negative impact of non-professional installers.


Positive aspects of the Guild membership  discussed included:

  1. Client experiences and relations

  2. Equipment Coop

  3. Guild focused marketing and advertising

  4. Universal requests to Chance/Distributor for production/profit encouraging tools, materials, etc.

  5. Strength in numbers



Final comments and dismissal


Meeting Conclusions:

There was a unified experience and desire for change shared by all for attending installers at the meeting.  Attendee enthusiasm was fueled by a sense of relief for "not being the only one" having these difficult and unproductive experiences with the supply channel.  The next steps taken by Guild should be met with enthusiasm.  This can/should create a solid platform with which to expand membership and influence as the Guild adds like-minded members at a manageable and productive rate.